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Single Standard Rate

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Property Information

Hotel BnB
1316 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago IL 60605 United States

Hotel BNB is different from the traditional hotels and guesthouses. Our Guests are Solo travelers, Backpackers, Students ETC. Our rooms are smaller, but large enough to accommodate one guest to sleep comfortably. If you're looking for some privacy, comfort, a place to nap, or if you just want to get some last minute work done, Hotel BnB may be your best bet. 
Hotels are usually chains that are owned by larger corporations; BnB's are usually independently owned.
Hotels often charge for extra facilities or services besides the room; BnB's offer most amenities free of charge.
20 years of experience as hotel managers and owners, has given us an opportunity to truly learn from our guests. We've learned that most hotel guests are either on vacation, visiting friends & family, or a business trip.
Most hotel guests are spending the majority of their time outside and come to the hotel very tired to simply jump in bed and sleep. Studies have shown 90 percent of guests do not use the hotel's amenities because of their outside activities. That’s why we've eliminated the excuse amenities and have shifted our focus on sleeping beds, fast internet with FREE WiFi & Smart TV’s. Thus, by eliminating the excuse amenities we were able to reduce the price of our rooms by 25% to 50% BELOW standard hotel rooms.

Property Features

  1. 32" Flat Screen TV
  2. Free WiFi in Public Lounge
  3. HD Cable Channels
  4. USB Plugs
  5. Fax/Photocopying
  6. Smart TV
  7. Internet Access
  8. Vending Machine (Snacks)
  9. 24 hour Reception
  10. Hair Dryer
  11. TV
  12. WiFi Internet
  13. Non-Smoking Rooms
  14. CCTV
  15. Complimentary Wifi
  16. Onsite Parking- Charges Apply
  17. Free High Speed Wifi

Accommodation Details

Hotel BnB

Single Standard Rate

Single Standard Rate Book

Single Twin bed in each room for Solo travelers , Backpackers, Students ETC, Not suitable for two or more people. Free WiFi, High Speed Internet, 32" Smart TV.

  1. 1 Single bed

Terms & Conditions

Hotel Policy :
1, No Visitors are allowed in the rooms and on the premises,
2, No Smoking are allowed in the rooms and on the premises.
3, Only one person is allowed in Single room and only Two people are allowed in Double room.
4, No loud TV and conversations are allowed in and outside the rooms, every TV is connected to Headphones (provided by hotel)
5, Management have the rights to Check out any guest who is not obeying the rules and regulations.

Payment Policy

Credit cards,
we take cash at the time of check in
Booking must be made by credit card for guaranteed payment.
No refund after 24 hours cancellation period is expired.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 24 hours before check in date.
No Charge.
After 24 hours time passed at least one day charge will apply,
Depending on the Occupancy of the hotel, Management on it's discretion may or may not charge the customers.

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