Hylton Hound Kennels

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Standard Kennel Standard

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Property Information

Hylton Hound Kennels
Hylton Hound Hotel, Middle Lane
Wythall Birmingham B47 6LD United Kingdom

Creating a boarding environment for your pet
At Hylton Hound Hotel Kennels we understand how hard it can be to leave your beloved family members behind when you go away. We take pride in the knowledge we keep to our vision in ensuring that we have the best kennel facilities we can possibly provide, we are always investing and upgrading our facilities to make sure they stay first rate. In our opinion, all dogs are truly amazing creatures, with characteristics and personalities to match their beautiful coats.

Accommodation Details

Hylton Hound Kennels

Standard Kennel Standard

Standard Kennel Standard Book

1, MAXIMUM OCCUPATION PER KENNEL - 2 dogs under 16 inches at shoulder - press 2 room option for 2 dogs over 16 inches
2, £57 is our MINIMUM CHARGE for any stay ( equivalent to 3 nights). Surcharges apply for short stays added on collection.
3, MORNING ARRIVALS & AFTERNOON COLLECTIONS - £19 single dog/£29 for two dogs sharing.
Surcharges will be added to your bill on collection.

Hylton Hound Kennels


Daycare Book

This is for daycare booking only.
1.Daycare to be applied if check in and check out is performed on the same day, during that days opening hours.
2. Two dogs under 16" at the shoulder may share a kennel a £6 surcharge applies.
3. NB Dogs not collected prior to our closing time of 6pm will be charged out at our standard kennel boarding fees
which start at the minimum £57.

Terms & Conditions

NB. Stays Including Christmas day and Boxing day are subject to a 7 night minimum charge.

Vaccination Certificate- We request current Vaccination Certificates be presented at reception for examination each and every time prior to our accepting dogs for boarding at the Hylton Hound Hotel.

Medical History On reception we will request knowledge of your dog’s medical history and current medications. Failure to disclose details invalidates insurance.

Authorisation for veterinary treatment – You agree that in the case of illness or suspected illness a vet will be consulted and if necessary called in to carry out such treatment as he considers advisable. Whilst every care and precaution is taken, responsibility can only be taken at the owner’s risk. All animals boarded are insured during there stay and for 72 hours after departure against vet bills.

Please note: Existing preconditions and kennel cough are not covered by our insurance. Qualifying claims are limited to £1500 per case.

A MINIMUM CHARGE is in force equivalent to three overnight stays for a single dog occupancy. Currently 3 X £19= £57.

SURCHARGES are applied for stays less than three consecutive nights:-
One night stay single occupancy £19 + surcharge £38 = £57
Two night stay single occupancy £38+ surcharge £19= £57
One night stay two dogs sharing one kennel £29 + surcharge £28 =£57
One night stay two dogs in connected kennels £38 + surcharge £19 = £57

Our licence conditions state if both dogs are over 16 inches at the shoulder they can not share a kennel – PLEASE RESERVE TWO KENNELS ( a door connects)

Please note: We reserve the right to separate two dogs sharing the same kennel should problems arise. The owner understands they become liable in such circumstances to pay all the extra kennelling costs arising.


Morning arrivals are accepted but an extra night surcharge will be applied

Afternoon departures are accepted but an extra night surcharge will be applied


We are closed for Christmas & Boxing Day for arrivals and departures.
For dog boarded over Christmas a MINIMUM 7 X NIGHTS STAY will be charged

Should the kennels become uninhabitable due to flood, fire etc. a person you designate may be contacted to come and collect your dog should the Hylton be unable to find suitable alternative kennelling.

Hylton Hound Hotel Mission Statement

Our mission at the Hylton is to provide First Class care and attention and accommodation for every doggy guest who stays with us when their owners are unable to and this is exactly what we do.
We believe we are the only kennels where customers are actively invited and encouraged to inspect our facility at any time during our opening hours. We practice a totally OPEN HOUSE.
A child catching a bug at school or becoming dirty or injured whilst playing with friends does not mean the child is not well parented. The same applies for a dog in our kennels and our staff, who work tirelessly 52/7 providing their doggy needs. Insurance is in place to help with vet bills arising.
We feed our guests as instructed by the owner; we cannot force a dog to eat. Occasionally, a dog will lose weight during the stay. It could be your dog!
Whilst we attempt to return beds, toys etc. etc. they are left at the kennels strictly at the owner’s risk. Everyone who has ever owned a dog knows just how destructive, messy and smelly they can be on occasion. Especially puppies and adolescents, fox poo and cow pats make for excellent rolls. One can always book a groom prior to leaving with WAGGS GROOMIMG SERVICES. (charges apply)
Facebook photo posting is a free service volunteered by our staff. Please be patient and polite. The staff will try to capture them on screen when they have time but in extremely busy periods, the main holidays mainly, this may not always be possible.
It is our policy NOT to respond to Social Media reviews good or bad. We do not offer refunds no matter how we are threatened by and through this medium.
Plaintiffs are encouraged to pursue any claim through the Small Claims Court. If successful we will gladly publish the findings of the Court ourselves on Social Media, refund the boarding charge and pay all costs.
Lose and we shall seek our own costs repaid. We shall also seek damages for defamation for Fake News postings and derogatory statements posted on social media besmirching the good name and reputation of our kennels and the staff who work within the facility.

If you do not agree with all of the above statements we do not want your business.
We recommend you find alternate means to care for your dog when you are unable.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 8AM to 11AM and 4PM to 6PM.
Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 12PM and 4PM to 6PM.

Payment Policy

Payment Policy Hylton Hound Hotel

1. We accept Cash, Card only.

2. Cheques are no longer accepted.

3. Payment is at point of departure.

No payments are taken providing you cancel your reservation as per our Cancellations Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations Policy

1. Cancellations are accepted via email at any time up to 72 hrs prior to your reservation start date.

2. Cancellations via email made during the 72 hrs period will result in a £50 service charge being taken from your credit details.

3. Failure to cancel as specified in 1 & 2 will result in the full amount due being recovered from your credit details.

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