Seven Palms Hotel and Apartments

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Studio Standard

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Property Information

Seven Palms Hotel and Apartments
1507 S Federal Highway
Lake Worth Beach Florida 33460 United States

Seven Palms Hotel and Apartments

At Seven Palms Hotel and apartments we offer Studio and 1 Bedroom Units at weekly and monthly rates. We are conveniently located close to the intercoastal and coastal beaches. Close to Shops, restaurants, pubs, marinas, and public transportation.

Property Features

  1. Microwave
  2. Guest Laundry (charges apply)
  3. TV
  4. 1 Double Queen Bedroom
  5. Mini Fridge
  6. Shared pool
  7. Onsite Parking- Charges Apply

Accommodation Details

Seven Palms Hotel and Apartments

Studio Standard

Studio Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. 1 King / 1 Queen Bed
  2. Bathroom
  3. Television
  4. Desk with electrical outlet
  5. Mini Fridge
  6. Air conditioned
  7. Kitchenette
  8. Laundry Facilities
  9. Microwave
  10. WIFI

Terms & Conditions

NO Refunds-One week notice of check out is required or Deposit will be forfeited
NO SMOKING IN UNITS! A $200 fee will be assessed also loss of deposit
1. Management shall retain possession and control of the Unit at all times.
2. Management and/or PBSO has authority to enter and inspect the Unit at any time.
3. Personal possessions will not be stored other than in your Unit.
4. Once occupancy is terminated, Occupants may not re-enter the property for any reason.
No adding locks of any kind.
5. Occupants agree to hold Management harmless for any personal property that may be lost, stolen or
damaged while at Seven Palms
6. Management may remove personal items and has the right to re-enter and take possession of the Unit
when the Agreement is terminated.
7. Occupants are responsible for keeping common areas free from debris.
8. Occupants will be held liable for damages of any kind.
9. . Do not give your key code to anyone, this will cause your immediate removal from the property.
10. NO VISITORS are permitted unless approved by the Property Manager.
11. Pets are not allowed.
12. The Unit must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
13. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in common areas.
14. Rights of others are to be respected at all times. No loud music, domestic argument, or any
behavior that disturbs others
15. Laundry and vending areas must be kept clean at all times. Management is not responsible for
money lost due to malfunction of equipment and no refunds will be given.
16. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Seven Palms is not responsible for any damaged,
stolen or towed vehicles or any property stolen from a vehicle.
17. Occupants will not engage in or permit the Unit to be used for any illegal activity including, without
limitation, the use, sale, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs, prostitution, criminal street gang
activity, or the illegal possession of weapons.
18. Occupants agrees to any and all additional House Rules.
Smoking in designated area’s only. Smoking indoors will result in your immediate termination.
20. DO NOT LEAVE CANDLES OR INCENSE UNATTENDED in your Unit. You must immediately
report smoke-detector malfunctions to us. Neither you nor others may disable smoke detectors. You
will be liable to others and us for any loss, damage, or fines from fire, smoke, or water if that condition
arises from disabling or damaging the smoke detector or from your failure to replace a dead battery or
report malfunctions to us.
21. Unless otherwise agreed the Check-out, time is 10:00am.
23. No drinking in common areas
24. If police or Fire Rescue are called to your unit for any reason you will be asked to leave with no
25. Deposit return 48 hours after checkout
26. By signing this document, you agree that you have not been arrested for possession of
drugs, prostitution and/or theft or violence or have any felonies on your record

Payment Policy

Seven Palms has the right to immediately terminate occupancy for failure to pay any amount when due or if
the Occupant(s) fail(s) to follow the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. Upon Occupant’s
departure or termination of their occupancy rights, all articles of personal property remaining will be held
to the extent required by applicable laws. If such articles are not claimed within any legally required time
periods, they will be disposed of. It is understood that this is a license agreement and that Occupant(s)
is/are a licensee, and that there is no landlord/tenant relationship between Occupant(s) and Seven Palms
and that based on this, Occupant(s) will not be afforded the right to a notice or hearing/or any other rights
that would exist in a landlord/tenant relationship.
Daily and Weekly payments are paid in advance. ZERO Tolerance for late payments. Monthly payments
Are due on the 1st of the month, a late fee of $100.00 will be charged plus $50.00 for each day after the
3rd of the month that payment is not received. A service fee of $75.00 will be charged for returned checks.
By initialing below, you acknowledge and agree to the terms in Section 2.

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