The Serendipity Inn

4.0 stars
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Serenity Standard

Fotografias Dados
Reservar $250 Reservado
210 210 210 Reservado Reservado Reservado 210 210 210

Tranquility Standard

Fotografias Dados
Reservar $275
Reservado Reservado Reservado 225 225 Reservado Reservado 225 225 225 225 225
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Informação sobre o estabelecimento

The Serendipity Inn
210 Wichita Ln
Williamsburg VA 23188 Estados Unidos da América

Located 10 mins from Colonial Williamsburg. This boutique B&B is smoke-free, has a four star rating, a state of the art hot tub, picnic table, fire pit, and hiking trails set on 2.1 acres of Chesapeake bay protected park like land. Surrounded by 25 plus acres of tree canopy that provides refuge to many species of wildlife that visit the property often. You can happily hole up here for the weekend, keep the door shut and feel entirely alone together at this romantic retreat. With luxurious touches, sense of decadence, and amazing views this quaint B&B's charm will be a lasting memory.

Características do estabelecimento

  1. 1 Cama Queen ou 1 King / 2 Solteiros
  2. Jardim
  3. WiFi gratuito
  4. Estacionamento Gratuito
  5. Braseira
  6. TV Híbrida
  7. Acesso à Internet
  8. Estacionamento para veículos de grandes dimensões
  9. Propriedade para não fumadores
  10. Hairdryer - Upon request
  11. TV
  12. Luz ambiente
  13. Pequeno-almoço gratuito
  14. Redes
  15. Ferro de passar a pedido
  16. Menu de almofadas
  17. Quartos não-fumadores
  18. Canais HD a cabo
  19. Sala de TV
  20. Hair Dryer
  21. Free High Speed Wifi
  22. Trilhas para caminhadas
  23. Lawn Chairs
  24. Fichas USB
  25. Ar condicionado
  26. Terraço com espreguiçadeiras
  27. Biblioteca
  28. Lareira
  29. Armazenamento de bagagem gratuito
  30. Banheira Quente
  31. Internet Wi-Fi
  32. Cama Super King
  33. Outdoor Seating
  34. Coffee Maker
  35. Biblioteca de DVD
  36. Adults-Only
  37. Air-Conditioning

Detalhes do alojamento

The Serendipity Inn

Serenity Standard

Serenity Standard Reservar

Standard rates for this room

  1. Não fumadores
  2. Varanda com telas
  3. Escadas
  4. Ferro / Tábua de engomar
  5. Vista do jardim
  6. Ambiente exterior
  7. TV de ecrã plano
  8. Roupões disponíveis
  9. Ventoinha de teto
  10. Secador de cabelo
  11. Pátio
  12. Pequeno-almoço gratuito
  13. Casa de banho
  14. Jacuzzi
  15. Acesso à Internet
  16. Cadeiras de pátio
  17. Free High Speed Wifi
  18. Calefação
  19. Vistas
  20. Plugues USB
  21. Casa de banho privativa
  22. Banheira partilhada
  23. Toalhas de praia disponíveis
  24. Berços disponíveis
  25. Serviço de limpeza diário
  26. Varanda
  27. Filmes Gratuitos
  28. Banheira Quente
  29. Roupa de cama e toalhas fornecidas
  30. Escrivaninha
  31. Ar Condicionado Pré-Pago
  32. Chuveiro
  33. Serviço de limpeza
  34. Área de descanso
  35. Vista para área selvagem
  36. Cama Individual Extra a Pedido
  37. Free Toiletries
  38. Comodidades para fazer Café e Chá
  39. Cama de casal
  40. Internet sem fio
  41. Ventilador
  42. Frigorífico
  43. Acesso à Internet banda larga
  44. Quarto com casa de banho
  45. Talheres
  46. Camas dobráveis disponíveis
  47. Ar condicionado
  48. Televisão
  49. Lareira
  50. Apenas adultos
  51. Braseira
  52. Smart TV

The Serendipity Inn

Tranquility Standard

Tranquility Standard Reservar

Standard rates for this room

  1. Luz ambiente
  2. Varanda com telas
  3. Escadas
  4. Ventoinha de teto
  5. Vista do jardim
  6. Não fumadores
  7. TV de ecrã plano
  8. Roupões disponíveis
  9. Sala de TV
  10. Cama Super King
  11. Ambiente exterior
  12. Pequeno-almoço gratuito
  13. Secador de cabelo
  14. Berços disponíveis
  15. Banheira Quente
  16. Pátio
  17. Free High Speed Wifi
  18. Casa de banho
  19. Roupa de cama e toalhas fornecidas
  20. Plugues USB
  21. Cadeiras de pátio
  22. Filmes Gratuitos
  23. Calefação
  24. Serviço de limpeza diário
  25. Vistas
  26. Varanda
  27. Free Toiletries
  28. Toalhas de praia disponíveis
  29. Área de descanso
  30. Escrivaninha
  31. Ar Condicionado Pré-Pago
  32. Ar condicionado
  33. Comodidades para fazer Café e Chá
  34. Vista para área selvagem
  35. Internet sem fio
  36. Ventilador
  37. Smart TV
  38. Televisão
  39. Casa de banho privativa
  40. Talheres
  41. Braseira
  42. Banheira
  43. Ferro / Tábua de engomar
  44. Lareira

Termos e condições

Virginia State Laws Governing Hotels

The Rules and Regulations of this Bed & Breakfast are that our guests respect one another and the Inn's staff. Kindly report any issue you may see to management. The proprietor will not be held responsible for any loss.

Any jewelry, money or other valuables should be properly secured by you the owner. If a guest fails to lock a door or window to their room the staff shall not be liable for any property taken from the room.

Section 8.01-422 Liability of guest for hotel damage- any registered guest in a hotel, motel, or inn or other places offering to the public transitory lodging or sleeping accommodations for compensation shall be civilly liable to the innkeeper for all property damage to such accommodation or its furnishings which occurs during the period of such person's occupancy when such damage results. (1) from the failure of the guest or any person for when he is legally responsible or (1) from the failure of the guest to comply with reasonable rules and regulations of which he is given actual notice by the innkeepers.

Section 35.1-27 Posting of rates - Every hotel shall post in a conspicuous place in its office a list of the ranges of the charges for its rooms and shall post in each guest's room the maximum charge for that room. If the hotel is operated on the American or modified American plan, the notice shall contain the maximum charge for the room and the number of meals provided.

Section 35..1-27 A. Liability-It shall be the duty of any person owning or operating a hotel to exercise due care and diligence in providing honest and competent employees and to take reasonable precautions to protect the persons and property of the guests of the hotel. No hotel shall be held liable in a sum greater than $300 for the loss of any wearing apparel, baggage, or other property hereinafter mentioned belonging to a guest when such loss takes place from the room or rooms occupied by the guest. Unless the loss shall take place from the office of the hotel after the valuables are deposited there, no hotel shall be liable for any loss by any guest of jewelry, money, or other valuables of like nature belonging to any guest if the hotel shall have posted in the room or rooms of the guest in a conspicuous place, and in the office of the hotel, a notice stating that jewelry, money, and other valuables of like nature be deposited in the office of the hotel. The hotel shall not be obligated to receive from anyone guest for deposit in such office any property hereinbefore described exceeding a total value of $500.

B. Each guest's room shall have suitable locks on its doors and windows unless permanently secured. If a guest fails to lock the door or windows of his room, the hotel shall not be liable for any property taken from the room in consequence of such failure on the part of the guest. The burden of proof shall be upon the operator of the hotel to show that he complied with the provisions of this section and that the guest failed to comply with these requirements.

C. In the case of loss by fire or overwhelming disaster, a hotel shall exercise ordinary and reasonable care in the custody of the baggage or other property of its guests, but in no case shall the hotel's liability exceed $250 to anyone guest unless the negligence of the hotel was the cause of the fire or overwhelming disaster.

D. No liability shall attach to any hotel for the baggies, hats, umbrellas, coats, or other wearing apparel of a guest until the same is placed by the guest in the actual custody of an employee of the hotel. The mere depositing of such baggage, hats, umbrellas, coats, or other wearing apparel inside the hotel shall not be construed as putting in actual custody until taken in charge by the hotel or its employee or properly placed in a room or rooms assigned to the guest.

E. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed so as to change or alter the principles of law concerning a hotel's liability to a guest or other person for personal injury, nor to exempt in anywise the owner or operator of a hotel from being liable for the value of any property of guests taken or stolen from any room therein by any employee or agent of the hotel.

F. A notice of the provisions of this section shall be posted conspicuously in each guest's room use update Terms and Conditions

Política de pagamento


Credit Cards:
Payments made directly to Serendipity Inn by use of credit card attach a surcharge of 1.5% [on Visa and MasterCard] 2.5% [American Express, on the total invoice amount.

Specials and last minute discounts cannot be combined with other promotional offers from other OTA sites.

Discounts do not apply to package add-ons only the main room rate. They also cannot be used on an already existing reservation or voucher.

Luxury upgrade packages or other package add-ons can only be added booking directly with our site. If you book with other OTA’s you can still call us direct and add a package upgrade or add on with a credit card or other form of payment. Packages are paid in full at that time not upon arrival due to lost cost for payment to Allure Bakery for personalized cakes and other vendors who make up your package.

Políticas de cancelamento

Cancellation and Booking Policy
A one night stay requires a full night deposit at time of booking

A two night or more stay requires a 50% deposit at time of booking with balance paid on arrival. We accept all credit cards, pay-pal, cash, traveler’s checks, and personal checks ( personal checks must be sent 2 weeks prior to arrival ) also if using a personal check to reserve a future booking the room will remain open for availability on the calendars until your check arrives and clears.

All cancellations require a 30-day notice if booking in peak season times or Holidays. Peak season times run from April-October. There is a 2-week cancellation requirement for November-March. Refund will be issued less the 25.00 Administration fee or 5% of the total of the reservation whichever is greater. A 30 day cancellation requirement is applied to special events such as Grand Illumination, William & Mary move in a week, Parents weekends, W&M Graduations, Homecomings as well as all other major Holidays.

If you have a last minute cancellation we will do all we can to rent the room and if rented you will be given your deposit or full refund minus $25.00 Administration fee or 5% whichever is greater, back to you. We know things unforeseeable do happen. But being an Inn we run with bookings well in advance and cancellations affect us greatly.

If you have to cancel due to weather understand we consider cancellations only acceptable if the weather is affecting us here locally. If there is a hurricane in the OBX and that is a stop on your trip you will be having to cancel but there is no hurricane evacuation here in Williamsburg and our roads are open we do not consider that an acceptable cancellation. If our roads are closed and there is a direct effect to our area making travel impossible we will issue a credit for a future stay to be used in the next year.


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