Vida Mountain Resort & Spa

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Two Bedroom Standard Rate

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Pool Front Standard Rate

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Property Information

Vida Mountain Resort & Spa
WhatsApp 8707-3744
Alajuela Province, San Ramon, Costa Rica
Piedades Sur * 20205 Costa Rica

Vida Mountain Resort & Spa is a boutique wellness resort nestled in the majestic mountains of Costa Rica where comfort, simplicity and exploration intertwine. We transport you far from the noise where there is no need to rush. Open the door to a destination that leaves you restored and refreshed - a place that gives you peace of mind and tranquility along with smiles and fun. Take time to slow down, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate each and every moment.

Since our start, we have become a favorite location for locals looking to enjoy a relaxing break from the city and for international tourists seeking an upscale place to stay that is off the beaten path. We have also attracted countless retreat goers seeking to learn and grow both physically and spiritually. Whether you are simply needing some fresh mountain air and beautiful tropical scenery or are seeking a deeper level of renewal, we look forward to making Vida Mountain a memorable part of your story.

Property Features

  1. Free Breakfast
  2. Yoga Room
  3. Bar/Lounge
  4. Hot Tub
  5. Non-Smoking Property
  6. Coffee Maker
  7. Garden
  8. Swim Floats
  9. On Site Restaurant
  10. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  11. Gift Shop
  12. Terrace
  13. Hiking Trails
  14. Free Parking
  15. Sauna/Steam Room
  16. Tour Desk
  17. Free High Speed Wifi
  18. 1 King Bedroom
  19. Beach Towels & Chairs
  20. Complimentary Wifi
  21. Adults-Only
  22. 1 Queen or 1 King/2 Singles
  23. Guest Laundry (charges apply)
  24. Wheel Chair Access
  25. Air-Conditioning
  26. Foot Massage
  27. Shared pool
  28. Library
  29. Lawn Chairs
  30. Non-Smoking Rooms
  31. Shuttle Service
  32. Disabled Access Rooms
  33. CCTV
  34. Pedicure
  35. Hair Dryer
  36. Manicure
  37. Pool Table
  38. Air Conditioning
  39. Spa
  40. Massage
  41. Pool towels

Accommodation Details

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Two Bedroom Standard Rate Book

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  1. 1 Queen or 1 King/2 Singles
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Body soap
  4. Conditioner
  5. Dining Area
  6. 2 Bedrooms
  7. Bathroom amenities
  8. Ceiling Fans
  9. Laundry basket/clothes hamper
  10. Mountain View
  11. 2 En-Suite Bathrooms
  12. Shampoo
  13. Stairs
  14. Terrace
  15. Walk in shower
  16. 24hr Security
  17. Hairdryer
  18. Tea/Coffee Maker
  19. Linen and Towels Provided
  20. Patio
  21. Free High Speed Wifi
  22. High ceilings
  23. Lamp
  24. Cups/glassware
  25. Patio Chairs
  26. Free Toiletries
  27. High speed wireless
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Pool Front Standard Rate Book

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Terms & Conditions


As a guest or visitor at Vida Mountain Resort & Spa, you agree to comply with all our Terms and Conditions. These policies seek to provide our guests with enjoyment and security, and to ensure that each guest is duly informed of our Terms, Conditions and Policies.


a. A 50% deposit is due upon booking. The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.
b. All payments shall be made by way of credit or debit card, wire transfer or bank deposit. Cash in USD or Costa Rican Colones is accepted for payments made in person at the Resort.
c. Your reservation is not considered definitive and no contract shall exist between you and Vida Mountain Resort & Spa until we receive payment in full or in the manner provided by the offer.
d. The price listed is the exact amount we shall receive, regardless of currency exchange fluctuations and without taking into account third-party transfer fees. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, please ask your bank to charge all fees to your account in order to avoid deductions against the amount payable to us.
e. The necessary data for wire transfers shall be sent to you upon request.


a. All deposits are non-refundable. We highly recommend travel insurance to protect your trip.
b. Reservations cancelled at least 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date are eligible for postponement for travel within one year and are subject to a 10% handling fee. Exclusions may apply.
c. Reservations cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled arrival date are non-refundable.
d. All postponement requests must be made in writing by emailing and must be received and confirmed within the period of time mentioned above.


a. Gender / Age - All genders are welcome. The minimum age for all visitors and guests is 14 years, unless agreed upon otherwise or in the case of a special event and established in writing at our discretion. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. There is no maximum age.
b. Prohibited Items - The use of firearms, compressed air weapons, explosives, accessories, and similar items is prohibited within the Resort facilities. The use of sound equipment is allowed, provided the volume level does not disturb the calm of other persons.
c. 100% Smoke-Free - Vida Mountain Resort & Spa is 100% smoke-free. Due to the main focus of our activity, as well as for safety reasons and to ensure that our facilities are not exposed to elements or actions that generate unhealthy smells, we prohibit the smoking of tobacco, marihuana, illegal drugs, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or other products or artifacts that contain nicotine, or similar products that alter or contaminate the environment. Guests are asked to notify Reception staff immediately if they smell or perceive any of the aforementioned products or other unpleasant odors.
d. Pets - Although we recognize how important your pet is to you, for reasons of safety and hygiene we regret that we cannot allow pets at our facilities with the exception of certified service animals.
e. Civil Liability - Vida Mountain Resort & Spa has a civil liability policy and insurance to cover assistance or accidents involving any of our guests or visitors. In the event you are faced with any emergency related to an accident, we will do everything within our power to aid you and help you receive any necessary medical treatment. Vida Mountain Resort & Spa shall assume no liability for said emergency.
f. Personal Risk - We take all preventive measures to guarantee the safety and health of our guests and visitors. Our facilities, however, are located in a rural area with varied vegetation and irregular terrain, and thus we shall assume no liability for any injuries caused by falls, stumbling, or similar incidents, for which reason we request that you obey staff recommendations and the signs posted in areas of potential risk.


a. We accept the responsibility of ensuring that your stay transpires as contracted, and that the services we are contractually obligated to provide meet the highest standards of quality and excellence.
b. We shall assume no liability for cancellations, delays, or changes caused by situations of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, such as highway or airport closures, natural disasters, technical transportation problems, unforeseen changes in your personal circumstances, or other events beyond our control.
c. We are not liable for any injuries you may suffer. All activities shall be carried out at your own risk. We also shall assume no liability for any medical or psychiatric condition that you may develop during or after your stay.
d. Although we shall not assume liability for any loss of or damage to your personal belongings, we do maintain 24-hour surveillance and we have various surveillance cameras at strategic points that will guarantee a safe stay. Also, we provide security safes in all rooms to ensure you enjoy a safe stay.
e. We shall assume no liability for the behavior of any guest, but we do ask that you notify us of any situation that in any way affects your stay at our Resort.
f. Our Resort shall not be liable for any objects or valuables left behind or misplaced in the rooms or elsewhere at the facilities. Any objects or valuables left behind by guests and found by hotel staff shall be kept by the hotel management for sixty days. Any item not claimed within said period may be discarded. As soon as we become aware of a forgotten item, however, we commit to notify the respective guest immediately.


a. In the event a person’s behavior is deemed harmful or abusive to the Resort staff or guests, at our discretion we reserve the right to ask that person to leave the facilities, without prejudice to further consequences.
b. We allow mobile phones and other Wi-Fi devices, although we recommend that you limit the use of same in order to fully appreciate your time here and enjoy the silence and reflection. Please be discreet when speaking by phone. Music may be enjoyed with earphones or at a moderate volume, in order to not disturb the other guests. The hotel shall assume no liability for damage, deterioration, or failure of guest property in the rooms or in vehicles left in the parking areas.
c. Except upon written authorization to the contrary, no additional persons (invitees) shall be allowed, with the maximum occupation number being that indicated on the reservation. In all cases we reserve the right to refuse admission.
d. Guests are responsible for reading and agreeing to all other rules posted at our facilities, such as in the pool area, trails, etc. Said rules shall be duly posted, or may be consulted at Reception or on our website.
e. Guests are prohibited from removing from their room any item that the room is equipped with, such as towels, linens, glasses, etc.
f. Guests shall be expected to: i) care for and maintain the items received with their lodging, being liable for any damage or deterioration suffered by same, except for normal wear and tear; ii) assume liability for any damages the delivered goods may cause to third parties. All damages caused by a guest to Resort property must be paid for based on the value of said property as determined by our company.
g. In the event a guest checks out of the hotel before his/her scheduled check-out date, or in the event a guest is asked to leave due to having failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions, no reimbursement shall be made for the unused nights.
h. For fire-prevention reasons, no cooking or barbecue use by guests is allowed within nor outside the rooms.
i. During evening and nighttime hours, we ask guests in their rooms to use moderate volume with any sonic device and respect silence in the common areas.


a. Right to refuse service - Vida Mountain Resort & Spa is a privately owned and operated business. We reserve the right to refuse service or to evict any person for any violation of the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica or the Resort rules.
b. In addition to the preceding provisions, Vida Mountain Resort & Spa shall refuse service or evict any guest who has failed to observe any of the prohibitions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, as well as for any of the following reasons: i) refusal or failure to pay for the lodging or services provided; ii) use of the facilities or rooms for illicit purposes; or iii) any instance of exploitation, sexual abuse, pornography, or sexual tourism in general.

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